GFX – Crafting Worlds, Shaping Dreams

The GFX Engine is a powerful open source framework for creating 2D and 3D games in C# and other .Net Framework languages. It was developed with a focus on simplicity and therefore offers an easy implementation and management of scenes, game elements and their components.
The engine abstracts rendering, physics and components to allow seamless customisation.

Streamlined Features for Effortless Game Development.

Framework Features

Streamlined Scene Rendering

Efficiently manage game scenes with a focus on simplicity and performance.

Flexible Scene and Layer System

Easily incorporate sprites, 3D objects, and empties using a versatile layer system.

Extensive Customization with GameBehaviors

Implement and customize game logic seamlessly using the GameBehaviors.

Default Collection of Essential Elements

Start your game development journey with a default set of crucial elements.

Advanced Rendering Options

Genesis uses OpenGL 4.5 for rendering, with plans for Vulkan and DirectX 12 integration.

Powerful Physics Simulation

Utilize PhysicHandler with BulletSharp for realistic in-game physics

Crafting Worlds, Shaping Dreams

Create any kind of 2D Game

Use GFX to bring your game ideas to life and express your creativity in a variety of genres – be it a fast-paced action RPG, a strategically challenging puzzle game or a thrilling shooter. The possibilities are endless.

Start building your game with GFX today

What are you waiting for? GFX is open source and free. This means there are no fees
for the games you develop.

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Technologys behind GFX

Explore further details about the technologys we use in GFX and gain a comprehensive understanding
of its innovative features and capabilities.